Refrigerator art:  
     The greatest challenge in ones kitchen is to find enough fridge surface to display the many pieces of art that are presented to us by our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc.... At some point some of them must be put away as new versions surface, as our little artist perfect their trade....   

    I have found a way of giving them a permanent life as beautiful wall art.
      I am offering a service in which you can send me a photo of one of those very special memories (no matter the size) and I will turn it into something worth hanging.
      I will work my magic and return to you, 5-10 different images, choose the one you love the most and I will print and send you an 8 X 10 print, and of course all the samples I send you are yours to keep and print.
      I can also incorporate a child's name, age and even the name of the picture at no additional cost.
The BIGGER Picture
      I have many pieces transferred to canvas, they look amazing.
Should you want one of these prints on canvas I can have them done in various sizes to fit your refrigerator, I meant your wall lol​

by Treas