by Treas

170 AO Joeys Messenger

170 AB Joeys Messenger

     When someone very close to me suffered a severe heart attack and had to endure heart surgery, I needed to let him know he was not alone, so I sent him an angle, with a message. 

     That little angel went everywhere and even made it into the recovery room in the ICU (covered in  plastic of course).

       When "Joey" started to heal he told me how much his little angel had meant to him.  He is now paying it foreward by sending this little angel to people he loves.

     This little angel is now known as "Joeys Messenger".

       Here's a way to send a little angel to someone you love with any message you like.

5 X 7      personalized with any message         $19.00

8 X 10    personalized with any message         $29.00

12 X 18  personalized with any message         $55.00

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170 AP Joeys Messenger