Road Rage

 Midnight Swim

 185 BF Ancient Wonders

Fish Bowl

120 BP - Fish Bowl

106 G - Superstar Hyway

by Treas

   Welcome tobrainspacedesigns,

thank you for visiting my site .....

  Making room in my brain for new things;  sharing a "peace" of ME

 How sketch/ink/photography was born : 

    These images I have created are a result of sketching, then adding colour with ink, once this is complete I use photography, then a series of light and texture applications to bring them to life.....

I hope you enjoy them....

 185 BGLP Midnight Swim

Fish Outa Water

102 MP - Fish Outa Water

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Ancient Wonders 

Superstar Hyway

164 BF - Road Rage

101 BP Queen of Hearts