by Treas

129 BR Tsunami

About the Artist 


      Several years ago, I suffered a brain injury, it left me literally speechless.  My thoughts were clear but when I tried to speak the words would come out all mixed up, if this wasn't bad enough, it also caused extreme stress and anxiety.....  At that point it became much easier to just sit,  to not get involved,  to try and keep my thoughts to myself.  
     My children saw my stress and watched as I "doodled" on any paper that was at hand, for Christmas they gave me some sketch pads, pencils, erasers and ink.
     With each day as I sketched in my book, I felt the release of emotions leave me, replaced by a feeling of peace and Comfort,  the anxiety leaving as my pencil flowed across the paper.
      At one point as I was doodling,  my husband informed me that all my doodling had become art; hmmm,  I strongly disagreed and so he convinced me to test his theory by challenging me to post several of my pieces on my face book and ask my friends what they thought,  without telling them that I had drawn them;  well turns out my husband was right and away I went:)